DIA Anti Money Laundering Group Archives

A record of all archived news, updates, newsletters, Regulatory Findings reports and other information issued by the Department of Internal Affairs’ AML Group.

Archived News and Updates

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Archived Newsletters

In the know is released monthly by the Department’s AML Group and contains news, updates and information for all interested stakeholders in anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism. Archived issues of previous newsletters can be found below:

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Archived AML/CFT Newsletters

The AML/CFT Newsletter was a subscription-based newsletter that provided quarterly updates about AML/CFT issues for reporting entities. This newsletter ran from July 2011 until March 2020. Please find all issues of this newsletter below:

Since June 2014, AML/CFT News has moved to an electronic version. You can read prior versions in PDF format below.

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Archived Regulatory Findings Reports

Our Regulatory Findings Report summarises our regulatory findings for compliance assessments undertaken throughout our financial year.

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