Relief during Cyclone Gabrielle - Independent Audit

AML/CFT News and updates

14 March 2023

This announcement is for reporting entities supervised by the Department of Internal Affairs who may not be able to complete their independent audit on time due to the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle.   

As you will be aware reporting entities (other than a high-value dealer) must ensure that its risk assessment and the AML/CFT programme are independently audited every 3 years.  

While scheduled independent audit obligations are crucial as part of compliance requirements under the AML/CFT Act, we are also acutely aware of the on-going challenges being experienced by some reporting entities due to the unprecedented damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle. As such, we acknowledge that some reporting entities may be experiencing additional challenges in their current business operations which may impact their ability to undertake these scheduled independent audits.  

If you have been seriously impacted by the cyclone and may currently be unable to meet your independent audit obligations, please contact us to discuss your circumstances by emailing