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  • charitiesact

    The Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector announced in 2018 that the Charities Act 2005 would be modernised. The Minister will be the key decision-maker on the review, with some decisions also requiring Cabinet approval. The Department of Internal Affairs will be the lead agency. [7/11/2023 2:47:33 PM]

  • Annual Reports

    Department of Internal Affairs Annual Reports indownloadable PDF versions, including Pūrongo Ā Tau - Annual Report 2023. [20/10/2023 12:31:28 PM]

  • Ministers credit card expenses

    These documents are proactively released by the Department quarterly and include the statements and reconciliations for Ministers and ministers’ office staff processed at the time of the release. Any reconciliations not processed at the time of publication will be included in the next quarterly release. [18/09/2023 4:24:03 PM]

  • Three Waters Reform Programme

    Water Services Reform Programme - All New Zealanders need safe, reliable drinking water, wastewater and stormwater – our water services. We depend on these for the health and wellbeing of our communities and our environment. [18/09/2023 4:22:45 PM]

  • Ministers expense releases

    Data on travel and accommodation expenses for Ministers of the Crown is released quarterly. Expenses for Ministers are administered by the Department of Internal Affairs. [24/08/2023 9:58:44 AM]

  • Briefings to Incoming Ministers

    Briefing papers for the incoming Government, and thei ncoming Minister of Internal Affairs. [3/04/2023 4:11:27 PM]

  • long term insights briefing

    [25/11/2022 12:41:48 PM]

  • Customer Experience Survey

    The The Department of Internal Affairs carries out an annual Customer Experience Survey to understand whether New Zealanders are satisfied with their customer services. [6/10/2022 3:19:11 PM]

  • bdmreview

    Review of the access provisions under the BDM Act covering what information can be made available about registered births, deaths, marriages, civil unions, and name changes, who can access BDM information and where, how and when the information can be made available. [10/06/2022 10:05:50 AM]

  • BDMReview Working Group for reducing barriers to changing registered sex

    This Working Group, announced on 1 August 2019, will provide the Minister of Internal Affairs with advice on practical improvements to the current process to change sex information on birth certificates. [10/06/2022 8:55:51 AM]

  • Gaming Statistics

    Gaming expenditure statistics, machine numbers, society numbers, percentage of machines by society. [28/04/2021 3:47:59 PM]

  • Gaming Machine Proceeds (GMP) Data

    Gambling statistics provided by the Department of Internal Affairs. [24/11/2020 11:22:31 AM]

  • Information for Transgender Applicants

    For ease of use for transgender applicants, all of the Department of Internal Affairs information for transgender people is located on this page. [9/11/2020 2:41:56 PM]

  • Cost of the Royal Visit in April 2019

    Cost of the visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge to New Zealand in April 2019. [5/02/2020 11:09:41 AM]