List of Reporting Entities

Businesses that appear on this list have been identified as reporting entities, supervised by the Department of Internal Affairs, under section 5 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (the Act). Businesses that do not appear on this list but do meet the definition of reporting entity under the Act will be subject to the obligations created by that Act. ​

This list is not an official or statutory register of reporting entities or financial service providers. It is for information only. The listing of a business does not imply that the Department of Internal Affairs has approved of or licensed the activities of the business and does not certify compliance with the AML/CFT Act or any other legislation. ​

Please visit AML Online for a list of Reporting Entities.

Please note:

  • If you own, or know of a business that falls within the definition of reporting entity under the Act that is not on the list, or if your business is on this list and you do not agree that it falls within the definition of reporting entity under the Act please email the details to Department of Internal Affairs.  

  • Banks, life insurers and non-bank deposit takers are supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and can access information at 

  • Issuers of securities, trustee companies, futures dealers, collective investment schemes, brokers, and financial advisers are supervised by the Financial Markets Authority and can access information at Financial Markets Authority website

Previous Lists of Reporting Entities

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