Enhanced Customer Due Diligence Webinar

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21 October 2020

We have published a new webinar on the enhanced customer due diligence (enhanced CDD) obligation on our website here: AML Webinars

Enhanced CDD is required or used where there are factors creating a higher level of money laundering and terrorism financing risk, or when specified in the AML/CFT Act.  There are many types of enhanced CDD, which means that in different situations, reporting entities are required to use different additional measures to mitigate the money laundering and terrorism financing risk.

We have created this webinar to help businesses understand the enhanced CDD obligations, and what information must be collected.

This webinar covers:

  • What is enhanced CDD and why you need to do it
  • When to conduct enhanced CDD
  • The different types of enhanced CDD and additional measures. In particular:
    • Enhanced CDD for identity verification
    • Source of wealth and source of funds
    • Enhanced CDD for politically exposed persons or PEPs
    • Enhanced CDD for wire transfers
    • Enhanced CDD for new and developing technologies

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