AML Online

(Updated May 2022)


AML Online is a secure platform for businesses to engage with DIA. In AML Online, businesses will be able to do a range of activities, including managing their details, delegating access to others, submitting documents and sending us queries. 

Registering for AML Online

Access for AML Online is primarily for Compliance Officers, but there is an option of delegating access to others.

To register for AML Online, users will need a RealMe verified identity. This can be applied for online at:

The application can take up to five working days to process so please allow for this.

For businesses already registered with us, their Compliance Officers have been invited to activate their accounts using a unique activation link.

Apply for your RealMe account

What you'll need

To apply for your verified identity, you'll need a:

  • RealMe login
  • mobile phone for 2FA - (either a text or Authenticator app)
  • NZ passport issued after 2004 or
  • NZ citizenship certificate issued after 2004

If you don't have a NZ passport or NZ Citizenship certificate issued after 1 January 2004, you can still apply using:

  • NZ immigration details, or
  • NZ birth details

You'll also need to provide a document with your photo on it, like a driver licence or Kiwi Access Card. If we need further proof of your details we'll tell you what documents we need when we email your application number.

To verify your RealMe account

1. Click "Get verified".

2. Log in and enter the six digit security code from your device.

3. Select "verify your identity" and agree to the terms and conditions.

4. From the four options, select your application type - your passport, citizenship certificate, immigration document or birth details.

5. After providing your identity information, submit your application.  

6. Your application number will be presented on screen and sent to you in an email and text. The email will list any other documents you need to take with you to the photo store.
NOTE: If you applied using your NZ passport or citizenship certificate you will be presented with an option to take your own photo using the camera on your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.  It allows you to take your photo and skip needing to visit a photo store (Step 7).  Go here for more information about taking your own photo.   

7. Take your application number (and if required, other documents for scanning) to a participating photo store within 14 days to get your free photo taken.

8. Your photo will be sent to Internal Affairs where your details are checked against official records. 

9. You'll be contacted within 5-10 working days to confirm if your identity is verified. 

Apply now (RealMe website)


AML Online How to videos

We have a few videos available with step by step instructions on how to use AML online:

How to create a reporting entity

See how to create a reporting entity using AML Online.


How to file an annual report

Find out how to file your annual AML/CFT report using AML Online.


How to manage authorised users

Follow these steps if you would like to add a delegate to have access to your reporting entity in AML Online.


How to create a Designated Business Group (DBG)

Follow these steps to create a Designated Business Group.


How to submit a document

Follow these steps if you are requested to submit compliance documents as part of a desk-based or on-site inspection.


How to manage DBG membership

In AML Online, you can update an existing Designated Business Group. You can also add or remove members.


How to submit an enquiry

This video shows you how to add and remove members from a Designated Business Group once it is already set up.

Annual reporting 

Businesses will need to submit their annual reports through AML online. Read more about annual reporting.

Tell me more about what I can do

Compliance Officers will be able to:

  • Manage your business information online.
  • Submit queries and receive answers online. 
  • Complete your Annual AML CFT Report online and save your progress, and view previously submitted annual reports.
  • Apply for and manage designated business groups.
  • Delegate access to others, so they can see the same information as you.
  • Submit documents securely, such as your AML CFT Risk assessment and Programme.
  • View a history of your questions asked and documents submitted.

Visit AML Online now.



Who can use AML Online? 

Compliance officers will be able to log into AML Online. They are also able to set up delegate access to other people who may also be working on AML CFT documents for their business, e.g. another team member or an AML Consultant. 

You will also need to have a RealMe verified identity to log in to AML Online. 

Can I register with the Department using AML Online? 

Yes. If your business is supervised under the AML CFT legislation and you haven't registered with us as your supervisor you will be able to do this using AML Online.

To do so:

1. Ensure you have a RealMe verified identity.

2. Email with the subject: AML Online – Activation Link, and we will respond with an activation link.

What is the difference between a verified RealMe and a RealMe login?

A verified RealMe is a RealMe login where you have verified your identity using a passport, a birth or citizenship certificate or immigration document. To use AML Online you will need a verified RealMe as opposed to just a RealMe login.

For more information on how to verify your RealMe, please visit the RealMe website.

Why do I need to have a RealMe verified identity to use AML Online? 

Some of the information stored within AML Online is commercially sensitive. A RealMe verified identity ensures that only those with permission can access the information stored within AML Online. This includes the compliance officer as well as any delegates.  

What if I can’t get a RealMe verified identity? 

There are some circumstances when a person may not be able to get a RealMe verified identity, i.e. if they are based overseas and do not hold one of the following documents (NZ Passport, NZ Birth details, NZ Immigration, NZ Citizenship). 

Please let us know if this applies to you. We will make sure you have options to allow you to submit your annual report. Contact us at to let us know. 

I’m a bit concerned that you can see my personal identity information, what can you see about me? 

RealMe doesn't store any of the identity information you provide about yourself – it just acts as a conduit. Your information is only shared with the organisations that you give consent to, so you always know exactly what you’re sharing with who. 

Your full name is the only information that you consent to share with DIA for AML Online.  Read more at

Need help?

For help with logging in and setting up your RealMe verified identity, contact RealMe

RealMe Help Desk 24/7 FROM NEW ZEALAND 0800 664 774

From overseas +64 4 462 0674 (charges apply)

Online help

For help with anti-money laundering questions please contact us.