Outbound calling to unconfirmed reporting entities

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9 July 2020

We have a list of businesses who operate in the sectors we supervise that have not registered with us or confirmed that they do not provide product or services that would make them obligated to comply with the AML/CFT Act.  You may have already received a phone call from one of our Regulators over the past few weeks asking you a few questions about the services you provide.  

All information provided in the conversation is taken as face value and businesses who advise us they do not provide services covered by the Act will no longer receive emails from us asking them to register, complete an annual report, or any other AML/CFT matters that are relevant to the AML/CFT Act but not their business.

If your business stops providing captured activities then please email us at amlcft@dia.govt.nz and let us know, we can then update our records.