Official documents to be used overseas

If you want to use official document overseas, or need them to be recognised by a foreign government, you'll most likely need them translated and Apostilled or authenticated.

We work closely with the Authentication Unit to make this process easy for you.

How much will my translations cost?

New Zealand issued birth, death, marriage or police clearance certificates into any language cost $95.00.

If your document is not a standard New Zealand issued certificate, please send us an email with a brief outline of what you need (and with your documents attached), and you'll receive an obligation free quote within 2 business days for non-authentication related requests.

How long will my translations take?

Please understand the Translation Service and Authentication Unit are two separate teams. If your request includes Authentication/Apostille and translation services together, the entire process will take considerable more time. We kindly request you to reach out to the Authentication Unit ( first for your initial request. Please be aware that your translation request will not be forwarded to us until it has been internally processed by the Authentication Unit.

For standard New Zealand-issued certificates, the processing time typically ranges from 3 to 5 working days, depending on the language. If you require translations for other documents, we will contact you with a quote and an estimated timeframe via email. 

Does my document need to be Apostilled or authenticated?

Before certain New Zealand documents can be used overseas, document authentication may be necessary.

Whether you need an Apostille or an Authentication will depend on the country you're using the document in.

To find out whether you need an Apostille or Authentication, please go to the Authentication Unit's website.

If you need an Apostille or an Authentication as well as translations, please contact the Authentication Unit and ask them for a quote. They'll also be able to arrange any translations for you.

Should I send you my original documents?

Unless your original document needs to be apostilled or authenticated, we do not need to see your original document to carry out the translation. However, the overseas authorities may require you to present the original document with the translation, so we advise that you check with them first.

What other important information do I need to provide you with?

When sending us your documents for translation, it is always helpful if you include a short note saying what you need, how you want to pay, how you would like your translation returned to you, and also some contact details in case we need to contact you.

If we're translating your document into a non-Latin script it is also very important to tell us how you'd like the names on your documents spelled in that language.

How do I pay?

How do I send you my documents?

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