Local Councils website

(Decommissioned November 2023)


The Local Councils website was established in 2005 in response to a Minister directive to develop a database of local government information. Its purpose was to improve the understanding of local government among the public and provide citizens with access to information about their council and similar council’s activities.

The website was intended to encourage public participation in local government decision-making processes, act as a resource for local government good practice and contribute towards civics education for a wide range of audiences.

It also provided an information resource for the 2007 Local Government Commission review of Local Government Legislation.

The website featured profiles for each of New Zealand's regional and territorial councils, detailing information about council activities and structures, election statistics, community profiles, council expenditure, debt, and sources of income.

In 2007/8 a ‘Data Cube’ was created to house a wide range of data and statistics relevant to local authorities. All Council profiles and other statistical information on the website were updated via this tool.

From that time, the focus was on developing information (including financial information) about local authorities’ activities in a consistent and comparable manner.

This information was last updated on the website in 2019 and was no longer able to be maintained. It can mostly be found on the government statistics website at: https://www.stats.govt.nz/insights?filters=Local%20authority%20statistics%2CInformation%20releases

The Local Councils website was decommissioned in 2023.

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