Community Outcomes website

(Decommissioned May 2012)


The Community Outcomes website was first established in 2005 as, initially as a password-protected site for use only by local authorities and central government agencies. From 2006 the website was made accessible to the wider public.

The website came about as the result of a request in a Cabinet Minute for an information resource to improve local authorities’ ability to contact central government agencies. Its purpose was to provide information related to the ‘community outcomes process’ provisions of the Local Government Act 2002, in order to:

  • promote understanding of opportunities for central and local government collaboration on local issues
  • collect and share a range resources (e.g. good practice guidance, local profiles, publications, research, local government and community services directory, e-bulletin)
  • support community outcomes processes and collaboration.

An evaluation of the website in 2006 made several recommendations for improvement. As a result, the original website was replaced with a revised website,, improving the look and usability of the directory, providing more background on community outcomes and collaboration; and building upon the existing resource library. This version of the website was launched in 2008.

The enactment of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2010 changed the statutory basis for the community outcomes process.  Community outcomes are now merged with the long-term planning process.  (See: Decisions for better transparency, accountability and financial management of local government – the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act (.pdf) 92k, a paper summarising the Act's provisions, 26 November 2010).

The Community Outcomes website was decommissioned in May 2012.

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