New Zealand government website

(Decommissioned July 2014)

Background was launched in 2008 as a directory and search of New Zealand government.  It was developed by the State Services Commission and most recently maintained by the Department of Internal Affairs to provide a subject-based directory of links to New Zealand government agencies and government-funded sites, as well as a government-only search.  The audience was the public who needed a place to start when they didn’t know where to look for government information.

The site was replaced in July 2014 by which has been designed to group content in a user centric way, looking at how the public view information not how agencies provide services.  The initiative is in support of the Result 10 goal of “making it easier for New Zealanders to interact with government online”.

All pages from have been redirected to  The all of government brand and logo relating to will be retired over a two year period allowing sufficient time and resources for government agencies and departments to implement changes required.

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