Factsheets for the 2014 Amendment Act

This page is a historic record.

It contains links to old and/or superseded documents for reference purposes only.

These resources are for general information only and are not a substitute for independent, professional legal advice. Feel free to re-use them as appropriate. They are divided into three principle groupings:

Development contributions

Community Infrastructure and restrictions on reserves (sections 197 and 198A)

Development agreements (sections 207A and 207F)

Development contribution policy schedule of assets (section 201A)

Development contribution purpose and principles (sections 197AA and 197AB)

Development contributions commencement and transitional provisions

Reconsideration and objections processes (sections 199A to 199N, Schedule 13A and section 202A)

Consultation, decision making and long-term/annual plans

Audit of long-term plans

Changes affecting consultation - general overview

Changes affecting the annual plan (sections 95, 95A and 95B)

Information requirements for consultation required by this Act (section 82A)

Principles of consultation (section 82)

Other changes affecting the content of the long-term plan and related matters

Infrastructure delivery and asset management

Asset management planning (section 14(1)(g))

Cooperation and Collaboration (section 14(1)(e))

Triennial agreements (section 15)

Joint Committees(Schedule 7 clause 30A)

Review of Service Delivery (section 17A)

Infrastructure Strategy (section 102B)

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