Regulatory stewardship

The Department of Internal Affairs administers more than 40 Acts. We are committed to maintaining and improving all the regulatory regimes we have responsibility for, using a regulatory stewardship approach.

Regulatory stewardship is a system-based approach to the design and maintenance of regulatory systems. It treats each regulatory system as an asset, designed with long-term sustainability in mind, and like many assets, requiring regular assessment and maintenance to ensure that it remains fit for purpose. Taking a stewardship approach helps to mitigate the risk of regulatory failure. The approach also provides insight into how systems can be strengthened and made to work better.

We publish information about the regulatory systems we have responsibility for. The information includes a description of the regulatory system, its purpose, the agencies and stakeholders involved, and our assessment of the system’s “fitness for purpose”. This information (current as at 31 May 2019) can be found in the links below.