Long-term Insights Briefing - consultation

Welcome to our draft Long-term Insights Briefing, which considers: How can community participation and decision-making be better enabled by technology?

We are really interested in your thoughts on the draft Briefing. Our aim is to start a conversation and we welcome your ideas as to what ends up in the final version. 

The briefing looks forward at least a decade. It is our chance to examine key issues, trends and different scenarios, and investigate options for navigating the years ahead.

The opportunities technology will create for community participation and decision-making are exciting, and there are some emerging issues government and society need to closely consider.

The thinking and analysis in the final Briefing will be available to everyone, and the options it explores could be picked up or debated by the current government, other political parties, or anyone else wanting to make positive change.

What we want feedback on

In short, anything and everything you are interested in, including:

  • does the briefing paint a compelling picture of the future of community participation and decision-making? Is there anything missing?
  • does this draft briefing capture the kinds of technology that may be able to support communities in the future? If not, why not?
  • are the options for enabling this future the right options? Is there anything missing?

How you can share your ideas

You can provide feedback on the draft Briefing in any format.There is a template available for those who find it helpful:

You can provide feedback:

Department of Internal Affairs

Attn: Long-term Insights Briefing

PO Box 805, Wellington 6140

Feedback is due by 5pm, 1 June 2022.

Tell us what you think

Have a read through the draft Briefing:

You can also read about how we will use your information

What happens next?

After the consultation closes, we will read all the feedback, make changes to the draft as necessary and create the final Briefing. While the Briefing is developed independent of ministers, the final briefing will be shared with the minister or ministers responsible for the functions of the department.

After the Briefing is tabled in Parliament, we will publish a summary of feedback and the final briefing on www.dia.govt.nz, and share it with the public and directly to those who signed up for updates – you can sign up by emailing ltib@dia.govt.nz.

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Want to know more?

Learn about 2021 consultation on the proposed topic for the Briefing 

You can learn more about Long-term Insights Briefings through the Policy Project (DPMC website).

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