Ministers' expense releases

Ministers’ Travel and Accommodation expenses quarterly release

Data on travel and accommodation expenses for Ministers of the Crown is released quarterly. Expenses for Ministers are administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Most recent disclosures:

Earlier disclosures (since 2009) of Ministers’ travel and accommodation expenses are available here: Previous disclosures

You can find more information on entitlements for Ministers and the release of Ministers’ expense data under Additional information at the end of this page.

Ministers’ Credit Card expenses quarterly release (23/5/2024)

Information about Ministers’ credit card spending is released quarterly. All credit card statements and reconciliations available on the last day of the month are released.  Those statements and reconciliations received after the last day of the month are released with the following month’s data. Where possible supporting documentation such as receipts or purchase orders are provided.

Certain staff working in Ministers’ offices have permission to charge items to the ministerial credit card. Staff are required to abide by the guidelines as outlined in the Ministerial Office Handbook when using ministerial credit cards. You can find guidance on use of credit cards and the Minister and staff agreement on credit card use under Additional information at the end of the page.    

Please note:

      • Some of the amounts charged to ministerial credit cards relate to out-of-Wellington accommodation, domestic travel, and Cabinet-approved international travel. These figures have also been included in the Ministers' expenses for the same period; therefore these amounts on the credit card statements do not represent additional expenditure over and above that in quarterly releases in the section above.
      • Some information has been withheld for privacy and security reasons. 
      • Annotations have been made to the documents where necessary to provide clarity.

Additional Information

Ministers’ Travel and Accommodation expenses quarterly release

Understanding Ministers’ Expenses (after 2014)

Understanding Ministers’ Expenses (prior to 2014)

See also current and previous Executive Travel and Accommodation Determinations

For information about expenses for members of Parliament please go to:

For information about expenses for members of Parliament who are also members of the Executive (that is Ministers of the Crown) please go to:

Ministerial credit card monthly release