Gaming machine profits (GMP dashboard)

Dashboard file showing current quarter, and historic data for the numbers of gaming machines and licenced premises in each council area, tracked since 2015.

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Last updated: 31 May 2024

Gaming Machine Profits (GMP) Dashboard ( website XLSX and machine-readable formats)

The Excel spreadsheet contains four reports. Explanations to help you understand the information, and what it shows, are provided below: Interpreting the data

The dashboard shows the numbers of approved gaming machines licensed to operate at approved venues as at the last day of the current quarter.

This is a 'snapshot' of the current state of affairs at a point in time. It is not conclusive and should be read in the context of the broader dataset.

Contact us if you want up to date information about machine numbers in a district.

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GMP trends

General insights

Quarterly GMP data for January to March 2024 shows an 8.8 percent decrease when compared to the previous quarter, dropping from $261,795,424 to $238,654,908. This follows a trend where GMP decreases between the December and March quarters.

While the percentage decrease from the December 2023 quarter was slightly higher than we have seen in previous years, this is still the second highest March quarter GMP we have seen since 2015 when we began tracking these figures. Only the March 2023 quarter was higher ($252,321,897).

Possibly contributing to this slightly larger than usual drop in the March quarter is the decrease in both the number of venues and also Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) operating at the end of the quarter. The number of venues has dropped from 1,003 to 999, the first time this number has gone below 1,000 since tracking began in 2015. EGMs have dropped from 14,226 to 14,160. This decrease in both GMP and EGMs has seen the average GMP per EGM drop from $18,402 to $16,854, or a decrease of 8.4 percent.

The rolling 12-month total for GMP has continued to decrease, falling by 1.29 percent when compared to the 12 months ending December 2023, but remains over 1 billion dollars.

Regional insights

GMP per EGM broken down by Territorial Authority (TA) has seen Porirua City, Auckland City, Hastings District and Horowhenua District remain in the top 5 highest TAs for GMP per EGM. Porirua City and Auckland City consistently appear in the top five but notably Kawerau District has had a sizeable 16.6 percent GMP per EGM decrease which has seen Gisborne District return to the top 5.

Top 5 Territorial Authorities by GMP per EGM May 2024 Quarter: Porirua City, $26,021.71; Auckland City, $23,684.34; Kawerau Distruct, $22,096.31; Hastings District, $21,441.76; Horewhenua District, $21,335.58

For more detail on these numbers and trends, please see our GMP Dashboard.

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Interpreting the data

There are four reports within the Excel version (human readable) of the GMP dashboard:

  • Key stats - Key stats about any timeframe or area selected.
  • In detail - Dynamic dashboard that allows you to select information you want to see based on time and location.
  • Quarterly by council area (or territorial authority) - Dynamic table that allows you to compare GMP, gaming machines and venues by quarter and TA.
  • Current quarter licensed venues
  • Data - Data that sits behind all the dynamic tables and dashboard.

Two additional sheets provide help for navigating and reading the data:

  • Notes to the tables – details what is, and is not, included in the data.
  • Contents and directions – instructions for how to navigate the document and extract the information you need. It covers how to:
    • use control buttons to manipulate different views
    • uncover detail behind the graphs
    • troubleshoot.

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