Rules for safe boating

The following brochure provides a summary of the rules for safe boating on Lake Taupō and a map of the Lake.Download 'Safe Boating on Taupō Moana' BrochurePDF, 2 pages, 600KB*

 Further down this page you will find links to more detailed information.

Boat ramps

All about ramp permits, locations and ramp use etiquette.

Fishing and angling

Information for anyone wanting to fish in the Taupō district.


Important and dangerous hazards on Lake Taupō.


Tips for preventing hypothermia/cold on Lake Taupō.

Navigable rivers

List of rivers that can be navigated by small vessels.


Tips for keeping Lake Taupō clean and free of rubbish!

Radio/VHF transmissions

About VHF transmissions between craft, coastguard and Taupō Harbour radio.

RPAS (Drone) operation

About operating a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) commonly known as a drone in the Taupo Area.

  • RPAS (Drone) operation

Rules for operating vessels

Important information for anyone operating boats or jet skis/personal watercraft.

Swim only areas

List of designated swimming areas (no vessels allowed).

You might like to refer to 'The Lake Taupo Boating and Cruising Handbook' by Michael Drake (email Note: The Department provides this information as a service. The content or views expressed by the author are entirely his own. Re-use of this information is subject to the author's approval. See our Copyright statement.

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