Boat ramps

Ramp permits

A ramp permit is needed to use the Department of Internal Affairs' ramp facilities.

Permits are available in hardcopy from many agents around the lake, or use our online service ePermit.

An instant fine of NZ$200.00 will be imposed for using a ramp without first getting a permit.

Kinloch Marina is a privately owned marina and has a separate ramp permit.

For a list of Ramp Permit Prices, see: Fees for boating facilities


Our online boat ramp permit purchasing solution

Purchase a 24-hour, 2 to 6 consecutive days, 2-week or 12-month permit, pay online, receive a digital image permit to your email – done! No need for printing, as long as you can produce the permit on your phone or tablet when asked prior to launching.

Search online for ‘Ramp Permit Taupō’ or simply visit by clicking on the icon below.

A friendly reminder that there is zero tolerance if you are unable to produce a valid ramp permit when using an Internal Affairs Lake Taupō boat ramp.

Hardcopy permits can still be purchased from a number of agents around Lake Taupō (see information below).

Link to Lake Taupō boat ramp e-Permit

Ramp permit agents

Taupō area

Agent nameLocation

Acacia Bay Store

705 Acacia Bay Road, Acacia Bay

BP Tauhara

235 Tauhara Road, Tauhara

BP Connect Taupo

50, 48 Heuheu St, Taupō

Lake Fun

Ferry Rd, Taupō (Taupō Boat Harbour)

Fish Cruise Lake Taupo

Redoubt Street, Taupō (Taupō Boat Harbour)

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand Taupo, Fly & Gun

27 Gascoigne Street, Taupō

Trev Terry Marine

27 Nukuhau St, Taupō

Taupo i-SITE Visitor Information Centre

30 Tongariro St, Taupō

Lakeland Marine

16 Rauhoto St, Taupō (Nukuhau Marina

Mobil Tongariro Street

119 Tongariro Street, Taupō

Mobil Junction

208 Lake Terrace, Waipahihi, Taupō

Richmond Superette

32 Richmond Ave, Richmond Heights, Taupo 3330

Southern Lake Taupō area

Agent nameLocation

Omori Store

92-94 Omori Rd, Omori (GAS Omori)

BP2GO Ridley Motors

11 Ohuanga Rd, Turangi

Seriously Outdoors

89 Hakiaha St, Taumarunui

Turangi i-SITE Visitor Information Centre 1 Ngawaka Pl, Turangi
Motutere Bay Holiday Park 2819 State Highway 1, Turangi
Tokaanu Lodge Motel SH 41, Tokaanu (via Turangi)
Challenge Tauranga Taupo Service Station 3481 State Highway 1, Turangi
Oasis Motel Tokaanu 426 SH 41, Tokaanu, Turangi
Motuoapa Hire Boats 28 Motuoapa Esplanade, Motuoapa
Turangi Marine 75 Atirau Rd, Turangi
Trev Terry Turangi 3 Turanga Place, Turangi

Ramp use etiquette

Commonsense preparation procedures prevent unnecessary congestion and personal stress at ramps. Ensure you:

  • Have your boat prepared prior to joining the queue. For example: bung in place, tie-downs removed, all personal gear (including lunch and warm clothing) on board, outboard support bracket and tow flag removed, etc.
  • While reversing down the ramp, have a person walking beside the vehicle holding the painter (bow line) prepared to push-off the boat from the trailer. Then, move the boat to the jetty. If necessary, this person will walk the boat around the offside of the jetty thereby clearing the ramp area.
  • The driver then parks the vehicle and trailer and returns to the boat, now ready to go.
  • On return to the ramp from the day’s outing on the lake, approach the jetty or beach. If possible drop-off a person to retrieve the vehicle and trailer. Back the boat away into the lake. Wait for your trailer to be positioned on the ramp.
  • After loading onto the trailer, drive away from the ramp to prepare for departure.

Following these procedures will speed up launching and retrieving thereby ensuring a smooth traffic flow. Finally, (to avoid delays) display your ramp permit on your boat.

Location of boat ramps

For more information see:

  • Acacia Bay South
  • Te Moenga Bay
  • Nukuhau
  • Taupō Boat Harbour
  • Two Mile Bay
  • Three Mile Bay
  • Motutere
  • Mission Point
  • Oruatua
  • Motuoapa (x3) 
  • Tokaanu (x2) 
  • Pukawa
  • Omori
  • Kuratau
  • Whareroa
  • Kinloch (private)