Venues operating when the Gambling Act was commissioned

Datasets showing lists of societies, venues and numbers of machines in 2001 and 2003 – when the Responsible Gambling Bill was announced, and when it passed into law as the Gambling Act.

The Responsible Gambling Bill was announced on 17 October 2001 and passed into law as the Gambling Act on 18 September 2003.

Two key datasets represent gaming machine numbers at the beginning and end of this process:

Why we keep these lists

Licence amendments, or applications to merge venues which date back to that time, are subject to particular requirements around the numbers of gaming machines they may operate.

Sites or venues that were on a society’s licence on 17 October 2001, and have not been without a Class 4 venue licence for a period of six months or more, may operate up to a maximum of 18 gaming machines.

The actual total number of machines they are allowed to operate will depend on the number of notified machines as at 22 September 2003. If this is less than 18, they need to get territorial consent to increase the number of machines to the potential maximum of 18.

Some venues may have changed their name and you may find it easier to locate a venue by its address.

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