Water Services Reform Programme: Stormwater

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Stormwater Technical Working Group

The Stormwater Technical Working Group (STWG) was established to identify future arrangements for the planning and management of stormwater services and how those services could be successfully delivered by the proposed water services entities, whilst protecting and enhancing the relationship between the proposed water services entities and local authorities.

Stormwater Technical Working Group Report

This report from the STWG identifies key issues, risks, opportunities, and options associated with the transfer, and includes proposals for:

  • the future arrangements for the transfer of stormwater assets and management of stormwater systems and infrastructure;
  • managing the interface between the roles and functions of the proposed water services entities, local authorities, mana whenua, transport providers, and regional councils to work together to manage stormwater systems and functions; and
  • an approach and timeframe for the transfer of responsibility for managing stormwater from local authorities to the proposed water services entities.

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Read the Stormwater Technical Working Group Report below:

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