National Transition Unit

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For current information go to: Water Services Policy and Legislation (Updated February 2024)

About the National Transition Unit

The Government has established a National Transition Unit (NTU), for executing the Government’s decisions on water services reform through a consistent and coordinated nationwide approach to transition.

Under water services reform ten new water services entities will deliver drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services to people across New Zealand.
The new entities will “go live” and take over water services operations from councils on a staggered basis beginning in early 2025 and finishing no later than 1 July 2026.

From November 2021 to 1 July 2026, the transition from the current system to the new one will take place. The NTU will ensure the transition is efficient, effective and minimises disruption to communities and consumers.

The NTU will deliver a consistent and coordinated nationwide approach to the transition from the 67 councils who are currently responsible for water services to the new system. The NTU will work alongside councils, iwi/Māori, industry and the wider water sector to make the transition successful.

The NTU is setting up local establishment entities, which will support the local transition in their area. Between early 2025 and 1 July 2026, these establishment entities will become the water services entities.