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For current information go to: Water Services Policy and Legislation (Updated February 2024)

Below you can find the key information about the Water Services Reform Programme.

Regulatory pressures and Water Services Reform

There is a common misconception that the Government is asking councils to consider and compare their current three waters operations with a future under the service delivery reforms. This is incorrect. The status quo for water service providers is changing and council water providers and their communities will face very significant costs without reform.

Cabinet decisions and reform proposals - June 2023

In April and May 2023 Cabinet took decisions on the key design features of the reform proposals including, the number and boundaries of the new water services entities.

The Department’s Regulatory Impact Analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of alternate options for reform that were considered through the reform programme.

National Evidence Base

This analysis and modelling advances the evidence base informing the case for change for the Water Services Reform Programme.

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