Engagement and consultation guidance

The Department of Internal Affairs has created a range of guidance materials to help the public sector engage effectively with the public to increase transparency and support participatory government.  Information and descriptions of these resources are listed below.


Govt.nz is the New Zealand Government’s flagship website with the goal of making it easier for people to find and use government information online. The section on Engaging with government includes a consultation listing that aggregates consultations across public sector agencies as well as information about how government works.

Online engagement guidance

Digital Public Service's Online engagement guidance is a principles-based, good practice guideline on how to plan online engagement, select the right tools and engage with people online. Its aim is to encourage public sector agencies to undertake meaningful and responsive engagement with New Zealanders to build trust and confidence in government’s ability to deliver to people’s needs.

Kia Tūtahi Relationship Accord engagement guide

Following the review of the Kia Tūtahi Relationship Accord in 2015, DIA refreshed the Kia Tūtahi Relationship Accord Engagement Guide to provide practical information on how to build strong relationships, plan and undertake engagement processes. This includes effectively engaging with Māori and Pacific people, ethnic communities, people with disabilities, and online. In addition, the Guide encourages officials to discuss engagement practices within their agencies.

Good Practice Participate

Good Practice Participate is a set of documents that guides public servants on how to involve community, voluntary, iwi and Māori organisations in decisions that affect them and the people and communities they serve.

­­Other advice and related initiatives

The following links provide context and useful information for anyone designing and managing engagement:

  • Social Media Guidance – Another useful resource on the Web Toolkit, these documents offer advice on planning and using social media by government agencies
  • New Zealand Web Accessibility Standard and Usability Standard – These web standards and guides help government agencies understand how to effectively communicate with all New Zealanders, including those that use assistive technology online.
  • Open Government Partnership - New Zealand is a member of this international initiative which aims to increase government transparency and encourage public participation in government; NZ’s second National Action Plan was endorsed by Cabinet in October 2016
  • Declaration of Open and Transparent Government – Details about Government’s commitment to release data for use in growing the economy, strengthening our social and cultural fabric, and sustaining our environment.