Good Practice Participate

This information helps public servants to involve the community in decision-making. The involvement of community, voluntary, iwi and Māori organisations in decisions that affect them is a sign of a healthy participatory democracy. Topics include:

Building Government Capability

Government agencies must take action both at the planning level and in their day-to-day activities to involve communities in policy-making and service delivery.

Benefits of Community Participation

Government agencies need to build active and effective relationships with their key communities - via community, voluntary and iwi and Māori organisations and directly with citizens. Improving community engagement can strengthen public trust in government, improve government transparency, enhance civic capacity and create more sustainable policies.

Levels of Participation

To what extent can community, voluntary, iwi and Māori organisations influence government decisions? When can decision-making be devolved to communities?The degree of public participation in government decision-making depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Working with Specific Groups

This section will help you reach particular groups when your agency needs to consult with diverse communities and organisations. When seeking to involve different groups in government decision-making, the possibilities can seem daunting. Who should be included? With whom should you explore the idea of starting an active relationship? And how can central and local government work together to engage the public in decision-making?

Techniques to Encourage Public Participation

This section describes techniques designed to encourage public participation in decision-making. Some of the techniques discussed here are simple, while others are more complicated and may require specialist training.

Measuring Success

In the course of your work you may need to research or evaluate a project.

Managing Risk

Adequate resources and awareness of risk are needed when government agencies involve community, voluntary, iwi and Maori organisations in decision-making.

Code of Funding Practice

This code of funding practice aims to assist government and non-profit organisations when entering into government funding arrangements. The code also aims to encourage greater collaboration between the parties.

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