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Standard Forms

The Secretary for Internal Affairs has issued
Standard Forms relating to Class 4 game rules and their use is mandatory. This means that corporate societies, venues or service providers cannot create and use their own versions, except where electronic copies can be generated in the same format as the standard forms and contain exactly the same information.

Explanation of QCOM Meters

Now connection the EMS has taken place, there is an additional set of gaming machine accounting meters on every connected gaming machine. These are referred to as the "QCOM" meters. It is these meters that EMS monitors and collects data from for reporting purposes. You should also use them for any day to day operational purposes, in the same way that you use the 'standard' meters.

The QCOM meters can be accessed for manual readings in the same way as you access your gaming machine's meters (i.e. by turning an 'Audit' key on the side of the machine). From that point, however, different manufacturers may have provided different 'paths' by which you can navigate through the audit menu to display these meters on screen. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer or service agent.

Venues using Electronic Meter Access via a venue PC are able to view and download these QCOM meters only.

The following table shows the differences in names and functionality between QCOM meters and the 'standard' gaming machine meters you used prior to EMS. Note that while the full names have been shown, you may find that they have been abbreviated when displayed on gaming machine audit screens. QCOM meters can usually be readily identified because they are either displayed in separate 'groups' (i.e. Group 0, 1 or 2 (as per the table), or they have a numerical 'ID' e.g. a single number ranging from 1-46, or a hexadecimal reference like this: '0x14').

Venue Transfers

The process for transferring gaming machines from one society to another has changed with the implementation of EMS. View this document for step by step instructions on the new process:
Venue Transfer Process (PDF, 21k)*

Gambling Statistics

Gaming machine statistics are posted on the Department's website at quarterly intervals:
Gambling Statistics

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