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EMS Queries

If you have any issues related to the Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) please contact the EMS Service Desk:

Freephone: 0800 468 725 (New Zealand land line only)
Phone: + 64 4 463 0109

The EMS Service Desk is operated by Intralot Ltd - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Note: Before calling the EMS Service Desk, all machines should be turned on with the doors closed and no events happening, otherwise the Service Desk will not be able to access the machines or any information.

Licensing Queries

The Department of Internal Affairs licenses societies and venues for the operation of Class 4 gaming machines.

If you have a query related to your licence please contact the Gambling Group:

Freephone: 0800 257 887 (New Zealand only)
Phone: (04) 495 7200

Note: If you would like to make an amendment to your licence please fill out an Amendment Form and return it to the Department.