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7726 SPAM - reporting txt spam is free & easy
To make a complaint about unsolicited commercial TXT messages, please follow the two steps below.

Step One: Forward your TXT spam complaint to 7726

Forward the offending TXT message from your phone free of charge to our SPAM (7726) short code.

Once you have done this, you will receive a TXT message from us (the Department of Internal Affairs) asking you to complete your report.

Step Two: Reply to the TXT message we send you with the spammer's phone number

reply to the message you receive from us with the phone number the TXT spam message originated from.

The TXT message from us will contain a hyperlink to the new mobi site:

Hand holding mobile phoneThe mobi site provides you with information about what happens to your complaint. The mobi site also contains our Privacy Policy, how you can contact us and links back to this website.

Your complaint will still be registered even if you do not reply to us with the sender number of the TXT spam message you received.

You can also register your details with us if you anticipate making further complaints, make changes to your details registered with us, or recover your Registration ID.

For answers to common questions about making spam complaints, visit the Complain About Spam page.

See also: New weapon for anti-spam investigators (media release 21/02/2014)

More information

The 7726 short code has been available for some years but, before the mobi site, a user had to go through the Department’s website to complete details via our 
old Complaint Form and this was a barrier for some.

The old Complaint Form will remain available for complainants, should they wish to use it. However, we recommend using the new mobi site as less information is required and it is easier to use.

A mobi site is a web site easily accessible for mobile/smart phones and other hand-held devices. Our mobi site can also be accessed by your computer.