Report TXT spam

To report (unsolicited commercial) TXT messages, please follow these two steps:

'7726 SPAM - reporting txt SPAM is free and easy' logoStep one: Forward TXT spam to 7726

Forward the spam message from your phone free of charge to our shortcode: 7726.

You will receive a TXT response from us (the Department of Internal Affairs) asking you to complete your report.

Step two: Reply to our TXT message and include the sender's phone number

Please reply to the message you receive from us with the phone number the spam message originated from.

Your report will still be registered even if you do not reply to us with the sender number of the spam message you received.

Our message will contain a hyperlink to the mobi site. The mobi site will explain what happens to your complaint and also contains our Privacy Policy, contact information and links back to this website.

For more information please see:

For information on how to report other harmful online content not listed here, such as hate crimes, online incidents, security issues, or privacy breaches, see here.