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GMP Dashboard

We have developed the GMP Dashboard to make it easier for users to visualise data trends. Open the spreadsheet below to learn more about the number of gaming machines and licenced premises by territorial authority, and how these numbers have changed over time.
June 2020 trends: 
  • GMP decreased by 44.5 percent ($90,221,104.82) between the March 2020 and June 2020 quarters, reflecting 7-8 weeks of venue closures due to COVID-19.
  • For the last 5 years, GMP trends have shown an average increase of 7.2 percent between the March and June quarters. The steep 44.5 percent drop this quarter reflects the loss of GMP due to COVID-19, which required Class 4 venues to close for 7-8 weeks during the lockdown period:
    • 26 March – Level Four lockdown begins, venues required to close
    • 14 May – Level Two, some venues able to reopen
    • 21 May – pubs and taverns able to reopen.
  • Based on the March 2020 quarter and historic gambling patterns, forecast trends for the June 2020 quarter indicated an increase of GMP by $13,866,229 was likely. Comparing forecast to actual figures, the estimated loss of GMP due to COVID-19 is approximately $104,100,000.
  • For the month of June 2020, national GMP was an average of 6.4 percent higher than the same time in 2018 and 2019, indicating a surge of Class 4 gambling activity as the sector recovers from the impacts of the first COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Nationally in June, there are 4 less venues compared to March, but gaming machines (EGMs) increased by 19 to a new total of 14,847. The decrease in venues is consistent with recent trends showing a gradual reduction of venues over time, however an EGM increase is unusual, and this is the first in over 5 years. Between March 2020 and June 2020:
    • 8 venues are no longer operating (-46 EGMs)
    • 4 venues opened (+53 EGMs)
    • 1 venue decreased EGMs (-13 EGMs)
    • 3 venues increased EGMs (+25 EGMs)

GMP data

The following documents include detailed information about Gaming Machine Proceeds (GMP): The March 2020 quarter reporting is provisional. Any changes are shown in future reporting.

There are four reports within each document.

Report 1 - EGM and GMP at suburb level for quarter to (date)
This document lists all venues in the clusters to which they have been assigned. Information on the venues themselves, such as addresses and class of venue (i.e. club/hotel etc) is already published on this web page. Venues have been clustered by area within a larger region (e.g. Newton, Auckland). Where there are fewer than three venues in an area, areas have been combined into clusters of three or more venues, with consideration given to both geographic and socio-economic location.

Report 2 - List of venues per cluster as of (date)
This list tabulates key information about clusters of venues. When published, it will include a caveat that adjustments can be made for incidents such as unpaid jackpots or unpaid winnings. These adjustments are made after the incident, and may be for a different period. GMP may be affected depending on when adjustments are made, and therefore this data cannot be compared to the published quarterly statistics.

Report 3 - GMP by number of machines at venue for quarter to (date)
This tabulates GMP data according to the number of machines at a venue. No data is provided for venues with one machine or more than 18 machines, as there are only two venues fitting in to each category.

Report 4 - GMP by class of venue for quarter to (date)
This tabulates GMP according to the class of venue.











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