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For current information go to: Water Services Policy and Legislation (Updated February 2024)

In July 2021, the Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government announced a comprehensive three waters support package.

This page provides information on how to apply for this funding and the July 2021 announcement and forward partnership with Local Government New Zealand on the reforms.

Better off funding guidance and application

Councils can apply for the first $500 million of Crown funding from the Three Waters reform better off support package by submitting an online Funding Proposal.

The remaining $1.5 billion is available from 1 July 2024. The funding is for local government to invest in local community wellbeing.

How to apply for the better off funding

The Funding Proposal is to be submitted through the DIA online Grant Management System. To see if a Local Authority is set up, or to find out how to create a new account or add a user login, visit

The draft Funding Proposal can be submitted by the Local Authority any time between 4 April 2022 and 30 September 2022. The Funding Proposal will be assessed by the Department of Internal Affairs, who may provide feedback and require further detail, additions or alterations. The Funding Proposal is to be finalised, and Councils notified of the outcome within six weeks of receipt of the draft submission.

July 2021 announcement

Below you will find a link to the full press release and more detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs) sheet on the reform package, including the proposed individual council funding allocations.

A key part of this announcement is that the Government and LGNZ have recommitted to working in partnership with the local government sector not just on these reforms, but on other challenges and opportunities. This is reflected in a joint central/local government statement released by the Government and LGNZ (linked below).

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