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EMS Overview

Section 86 of the Gambling Act 2003 requires all gaming machines in pubs and clubs (Class 4) to be connected to an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS). EMS obtains accurate and timely information about gaming machine usage. The information collected by EMS includes:
  • the amount of money gambled on gaming machines
  • the amount required to be banked
  • the location and number of machines
  • gaming machine usage
  • machine faults and tampering.
These features make EMS more efficient than the manual systems currently used by most gaming machine operators (Class 4 Societies). EMS can also be used to remotely control, disable and enable gaming machines where equipment is faulty or been tampered with.

Cost of EMS to Societies

The Gambling (Electronic Monitoring Fees) Regulations 2006 established a monitoring fee for each gaming machine connected to EMS. The current fee, effective from 11 February 2016, is $2.19 (GST incl) per day. There is also a $51.50 + gst per venue per month telecommunications charge - this charge is part of the contract between societies and Intralot.

In addition there are installation costs that Class 4 societies are expected to meet to ensure that their venues and gaming machines are ready and compliant for implementation of EMS.

EMS Fact Sheets

Five Fact Sheets explain the requirements under EMS and some of the technical details of the Class 4 Game Rules (effective 29 June 2006):
  • Fact Sheet 35 - New Record Keeping Requirements under the Electronic Monitoring System
  • Fact Sheet 36 - Jackpot Systems and the Electronic Monitoring System
  • Fact Sheet 37 - Gaming Machine Profit Determination and Banking under the Electronic Monitoring System
  • Fact Sheet 38 - Electronic Monitoring System Reconciliations and Adjustments
  • Fact Sheet 39 - Changes to Gaming Machine Metering under the Electronic Monitoring System.
View these on the Fact Sheets (Gambling Act 2003) page.

EMS and Value Added Services

"Sniffer" technology

The Department has amended the
EMS (Cabling and Site Controller) Minimum Equipment Standard to allow for the introduction of "Sniffer" Technology. This technology allows venue management systems to be attached to the EMS loop in venues and read information from it in real time.

The introduction of this technology may result in societies being offered technology that enhances existing venue management systems (VMS). The Department reminds and cautions societies to ensure that any product it considers for purchase adds real value to venue management and can be justified as an actual, reasonable and necessary expense on this basis.

GMP and banking

Societies and venues should be aware that only data sourced directly from the approved EMS web reports can be used for regulatory purposes such as the determination of GMP and banking. VMS cannot be substituted for tasks intended for the EMS.

Changes to EMS Website Reports

With effect from 8 September 2008, users will notice a number of changes to the daily, weekly and monthly EMS reports accessed via the website. The changes have been made in response to feedback about the presentation of the reports and a desire by the Department and Intralot to make them easier to understand and use.

These changes will apply only to the .pdf reports; .xml format reports will remain unchanged. With one main exception, the changes are cosmetic rather than functional (i.e. they do not affect the data presently included in the reports).

Common features applicable to all new versions of the reports: a) the removal of colouring and shading (to reduce printing costs); and b) Society and Venue Licence numbers (GMVs) will be included in the identification details (this is in addition to EMS ID’s, namely Retailer Codes).

Here is a summary of the changes:

Daily Gaming Machine Meter Totals Snapshot (7.2.7)

    • Header information re-ordered to show Venue/Society/Suburb/City
    • EGM Manufacturers name removed (this is coded into the EGM serial number)
    • Font size increased marginally (unfortunately it is not possible to increase it further due to limits imposed by the number of fields and tables, the effect of scaling and fitting the information on the minimum number of A4 pages)
    • ‘Recovered’ data relating to previous business days, where, due to communication failures, net meter information has been unable to be uploaded: This is now broken down into separate tables and totals for each individual business day, instead of appearing in a single continuous table.

Daily Jackpot Data (9.1.1)

    • Heading (identifier) information re-ordered to show Venue/Society/Suburb/City
    • ‘Recovered’ data - as for the DGGMTS but for turnover data only; Jackpot Display Values and Daily Jackpot Wins will continue to be shown in single tables, following the turnover tables.

(Daily) Meter Adjustment Data Posted (7.2.9)

    • Name change - this report is only produced as and when required, on the business day that any meter adjustments initiated by a society are uploaded into the system
    • Heading (identifier) information re-ordered to show Venue/Society/Suburb/City
    • Note: This report will continue to be posted to both the venue and society pages of the website, in both .pdf and .xml format.

Weekly Venue Activity - Venue Level (7.2.18)

    • Name change (report header only) - from “Venue Weekly Activity - Adjustments” to “Weekly Venue Activity - Venue Level”
    • “Previous Weeks” table (i.e. data relating to a previous weeks’ activity that was not captured during that week) will be grouped by business day and sub-totalled for the particular day or days (previously it was not broken down by Business Day)
    • Venue Name field removed from “Current Week Venue Summary Totals” table (this is superfluous as the report is only generated for the specific, individual venue).
    • Adjustment tables (relating to Meter adjustments)
        (i) Current Week Adjustment table removed (this adjustment data is automatically included in the Current Week EGM and Venue Summary tables)
        (ii) Adjustments affecting previous weeks GMP - This table will be identified as “Meter Adjustments affecting previous weeks GMP” and will be broken down into individual weeks (if more than one). It will continue to show details of the Gaming Machine(s) (EGM Serial No), Business day (on which the meter exception arose), Adjustment day (on which the adjustment became effective), New GMP (re-calculated GMP for that day), Original GMP (as appearing on the original business day’s report) and GMP difference (difference between original and re-calculated GMP)
    • “GMP to be banked” will now show:
        (i) the current weeks' GMP to be banked
        (ii) any outstanding GMP relating to (and not included in) the previous week or weeks reports
        (iii) a separate total of meter adjustments relating to previous weeks (GMP difference) where any such adjustments have been posted. The actual amount to be banked will usually be the sum of (i) and (ii).

Weekly Jackpot Reconciliation (9.2)

    • Jackpot increment rate - now expressed to four decimal places
    • Headings/text labels changed:
        (i) “JPC Prizes Struck” instead of “Daily Jackpots Awarded (Gross value)”
        (ii) “JPC Start-up Contributions” instead of “Daily Jackpots Awarded (Net value)
        (iii) Summary Totals - text changed to show more clearly how the figures are calculated.

Weekly Venue Activity - Society Level (7.2.19)

    • Name change (report header only) - from “Society Weekly Activity - Adjustments” to “Weekly Venue Activity - Society Level”
    • “Previous Week” table (i.e. data relating to a previous weeks’ activity that was not captured during that week) will continue to be shown against the particular venue(s) name, and be totalled for the venue and period
    • The “Current Week Venue Summary Totals” and “Current Week Society Daily Totals” will contain only data relating to and captured during the current weekly period shown in the report heading
    • “GMP to be banked” - as for the Weekly Venue Activity-Venue Level report, separate totals for Current week, Previous weeks outstanding GMP, Meter Adjustments relating to previous weeks.

Monthly Venue Event Messages (7.2.11)

    • Heading will now show Venue/Society/City/Suburb, otherwise the report is unchanged.

Monthly Venue Activity - Society Level (7.2.10)

    • This is a completely re-vamped report, and replaces the Gaming Machine - Monthly Meters plus Adjustments report that was previously posted to each venue’s website page, following the end of the calendar month
    • It will be generated at society, not venue level
    • It follows the general format of the Weekly Venue Activity (Society and Venue Level) reports in that it contains only “GMP relevant” net meter data (instead of both gross and net meter values for every QCOM meter for every EGM, as its predecessor did) for a strictly calendar monthly time frame
    • Like the weekly reports, it will carry separate tables for Previous Months (recovered) data and any Meter Adjustments relating to previous months, where these are applicable
    • The main purpose of this report is to give societies essential GMP data to assist in the determination of taxes, duties, levies etc. that are calculated on a calendar monthly cycle.

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