Public and Government Inquiries


The Department of Internal Affairs provides administrative assistance to Public and Government Inquiries established under the Inquiries Act 2013.

This short video explains inquiries and how they operate. It also outlines what DIA does and doesn’t do with inquiries:

These Inquiries are able to inquire into any matter of public importance or concern to the Government of the day.

Public Inquiries include Royal Commissions, which are appointed by and report to the Governor-General, and the Inquiry report is tabled in Parliament.

Government Inquiries are appointed by and report to a Minister and the intention is that these are simpler and quicker to establish.

Both types of Inquiry have the same legal powers.

The type of inquiry is decided upon after discussions between Ministers and officials, with advice from Crown Law Office and State Services Commission as required. See more about different types of government reviews.

Current Inquiries


Previous inquiries

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