Digital Identity Services

What is digital identity?

Digital identity is proof of who you are online. It is a digital representation of your identity information, and other attributes which may include biometrics, that you can use to prove who you are online, to access services digitally.

Guide to digital identity

Our role in digital identity services

Te Tari Taiwhenua has been the custodian of New Zealand’s personal identity data for over 150 years. As technology evolves so do the identity products and services we use.

As daily activities move increasingly online, it makes sense that many of the products and services we rely on move online too. Having the ability to prove who we are safely and securely online will make accessing public and private sector services, such as welfare payments, opening a bank account and doctor visits, easier.

Innovation and development are essential to ensure that people and organisations can prove who they are in a safe, secure, and easily accessible way. These innovations will enhance participation and improve our economy while protecting your identity information.

DIA continues to innovate and aims to digitise many of our existing products – such as the Birth, Deaths and Marriage registry and citizenship – as well as develop new products which will put your digital identity at your fingertips.

Many of our well-known products such as Passports and RealMe have online automated identity verification processes which use biometrics such as facial recognition. Biometrics make it easier to access services while keeping your identity safe.

DIA’s use of biometrics

DIA’s identity services

Identity Check

Identity Check is a secure online identity verification service that enables you to use photo ID you already have, safely and securely online. Identity Check confirms the identity information provided by a user online against New Zealand Passport or Driver Licence official records.

Identity Check


Since 2013, RealMe has been making it easier and more secure for people and organisations to get things done online.
RealMe login can be used to interact with Government agencies. With a RealMe verified identity you can prove your identity and access more when signing up to RealMe partners.


New Zealand Passport

New Zealand is one of the only countries to offer a fully online passport made possible using biometrics. There is a range of work underway to enhance our travel documentation and keep New Zealander’s trusted at overseas borders.

New Zealand Passport

Future services

Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Identity Credentials are secure, digitally-signed, trusted, and standardised packet of data about you that you can use to prove your identity and identifying factors – such as age or name – digitally. 

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