Identity Check

Identity Check is a safe and secure online identity verification service, developed by Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs.

Identity Check works by confirming the identity information provided by a user online against the New Zealand Passport or Driver Licence databases.

Identity Check was developed to make it easier for people to safely verify their identity online, often a first step in accessing a service.

The benefits of using Identity Check means people no longer need to provide physical copies of important identity documents, which can get lost or stored in a way make them vulnerable to theft and misuse.

How Identity Check works

  • On websites where Identity Check is available, people can log in, apply to access an online service or start an application as normal.
  • They will be redirected to the Identity Check secure page, where they'll be guided through entering their details and having a live photo taken using the camera on their phone or computer.
  • The information and images are then compared against the person’s New Zealand Passport or New Zealand Driver Licence information.
  • If the identity check is successful, that person will receive a notification stating that their identity has been verified.


Identity Check protects the private information of its users in several ways.

The service is designed to automatically compare an image provided against the relevant image held in the New Zealand Passport or Driver Licence databases.

Organisations using Identity Check are not permitted access to the user’s official passport or driver licence records.

Instead, the organisations receive a confirmation that the information provided matches the information held in the passport or driver licence database.

For more information on how Identity Check works and how it keeps your information safe, read the Identity Check Privacy Impact Assessment below:

Identity Check - Privacy Impact Assessment: Full Report - May 2023 (PDF, 2.3MB)