New Zealand Passport

The New Zealand Passport is well respected internationally and regarded as one of the most powerful passports in the world facilitating visa-free access to 190+ countries.

The Passport system upholds New Zealand's reputation in a global context by providing reliable and authoritative identity information that:

  • enables New Zealanders to interact easily with governments, both domestic and international
  • ensures that New Zealand citizens who are entitled to a passport have their identity properly verified before it is issued
  • ensures people who are not entitled to a passport do not obtain one.
  • fulfils international obligations and security standards for passports and other travel documents set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

New Zealand is one of the only countries to offer a fully online passport application process. In March 2024, a system upgrade was introduced to offer further online functionality to customers.

Ensuring the integrity of the New Zealand passport

Regular engagement with other passport services through the Passport Six group facilitates the sharing of best practices and the discussion of innovations related to the development of passport policies, products and practices.

Passport operational procedures and processes evolve to keep pace with changing context and legislation. For example, the transition from the five to ten-year validity period, and the development of more online services.

The security of the application process, issuance process and document security are constantly reviewed. DIA is currently in the process of redesigning the passport booklet.

Passports also ensure systems and technology are kept up to date through regular intrusion testing, security monitoring, patching and maintenance, and the regular update of public keys.

Developing a digital passport

Te Tari Taiwhenua is working with the ICAO to develop a digital passport which would transform how we travel internationally.