What is terrorist and violent extremist content?

What is violent extremism?

Violent extremism refers to an individual or group who threatens or uses violence, or advocates for others to use violence, in support of their own agenda or to further their own set of beliefs. These include belief in ideologies and religions, or prejudice against certain groups, genders, or faiths. This type of violence is often targeted at groups who violent extremists perceive as threatening or undermining their world view [1]

Why do some people hold extreme views?

Any belief including ideologies and religions, or prejudice against certain groups, genders or faiths is vulnerable to extreme interpretation. The mental process a person goes through as they get drawn into extremism is called radicalisation.

We often see links between extremist action and misinformation or disinformation. While misinformation results from the spreading of false information without an intent to mislead, disinformation is the deliberate spread of false information to deceive people.

It can be hard to know what to do if someone you know or care about is expressing extreme views or hatred. It may also be difficult to spot if someone is becoming radicalised. Remember, not all individuals with extremist views will commit terrorist or violent acts. Visit Act Early if you are concerned about someone you know and need tips to help you have these difficult conversations.

What is terrorist and violent extremist content?

Terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC) online refers to hateful or objectionable (illegal) material that promotes harmful extreme views such as:

  • Articles, images, speeches, or videos that promote or encourage violence.
  • Websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations.
  • Videos of terrorist attacks and any other content that promotes violent extremism.

TVEC that is classified as objectionable material can bear penalties for those who are found creating, possessing, distributing, trading, or displaying it. See: How NZ responds to violent extremism online.