How to report harmful content

The Digital Safety Team at DIA investigates content that clearly or potentially relates to violent extremism. If you are concerned that something you have seen may be objectionable under the terms of the Act, you can report it to us for investigation.

Report violent extremist content

Note: If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 111 now.

To report violent extremist content please fill in this online form.

Report violent extremist content

What happens to my report:

Your complaint will be entered into our database for review and may be examined by one of our Investigators during standard business hours.  If your report requires more urgent attention you should make a report to police by calling 111.

The actions we may take depend on the type on content reported. We may:

  • Work with the hosting platform (social media company or website) and ask them to remove the content, especially where it breaches the company’s terms of service; or
  • Ask the Classification Office to classify the content and determine whether it is objectionable; or
  • Liaise with law enforcement / regulatory bodies and various internet service providers overseas to ensure unlawful content is removed from view in New Zealand.

Report a criminal act

To report a criminal act, you should contact the Police - 111 is the emergency number for Police. Dial 105 to report things that have already happened that don’t need urgent Police assistance. Alternatively you can call into your local Police station. Police also take reports online via the 105 online reporting portal

Report Hate Crime 

The New Zealand Government takes hate crime seriously. If you, your friends or whānau have experienced abuse, violence, threats, or intimidation motivated by hostility or prejudice, it is extremely important that you report it.

Hate crimes and incidents are acts perceived by the victim, or other people, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards a person’s actual or perceived:

  • race (includes nationality or ethnicity)
  • religion or faith
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • Disability
  • age.

Learn more about hate crime and how to report it here [PDF, 182KB] NZ Police website

Report an online incident

To report online incidents such as online bullying, discrimination or racism, visit ‘Report harmful content – Netsafe’.

Report an online security issue

Report an online security issue such as password breach, an online scam or malware, by visiting ‘Report an Issue – CERT NZ

Report a privacy breach

To make a report about a privacy breach by an organisation or business, fill out the ‘Online Complaint Form - Office of the Privacy Commissioner’.