About the Digital Violent Extremism team

The New Zealand Government is focused on reducing the threat of terrorism and violent extremism. Countering violent extremism is a complex, long-term challenge. Multiple government organisations, law enforcement agencies, civil society, academia, and communities all have a role to play.

Following the terrorist attacks on 15 March 2019, the New Zealand Government recognised that countering violent extremism online required a dedicated response. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) received funding to establish a dedicated capability to respond to violent extremism online.

The Digital Violent Extremism Team at DIA is responsible for keeping New Zealanders safe from online harm by responding to and preventing the spread of objectionable material that promotes or encourages violent extremism.

Our mahi is underpinned by:

  • Respecting and supporting New Zealanders’ rights to lawfully express their opinions and participate online.
  • Understanding the environment in which violent extremist material is created and shared online.
  • Working with government and community, in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world, to keep New Zealanders safe from harm.
  • Preventing, deterring, and, where necessary, prosecuting those who spread illegal, objectionable material online.

Our mahi aligns with the Christchurch Call actions to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC) online. For more information, visit Countering Violent Extremism - The Christchurch Call.