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The Secretary for Internal Affairs has issued standard forms relating to Class 4 Game Rules.

Required forms

The following reports are
required. The Game Rules specify where corporate societies, venues or service providers can create and use their own versions of reports, as long as they contain the specified information.

Please note than the below does not include the required EMS-generated reports.

Required forms

Summary of required forms

Relevant Game Rules

Cancelled Credit, Short Pays and Refills Report (PDF, 51KB)*

A machine-specific report to record:
  • manual payments (“hand pays") for credits
  • awarded by individual gaming machines, and some jackpot systems;
  • any “short pay” correction payments manually paid out; and
  • all hopper refills put into gaming machines.

8.1, 10.1(2), 11.1(5), 11.2, 16.1(2), 16.2(e)

Gambling Equipment Fault / Player Dispute Report (PDF, 61KB)*

A combined checklist and record of essential details in relation to gambling equipment faults or malfunctions; and/or player disputes in connection with gambling equipment operation.

8.1, 9.3, 14.5, 16.2(a), 16.5(1)(a), 17.4(1)(c), 18.2(e),19.2(a)

Unpaid Prize Report (PDF, 28KB)*

A report to record instances where, for any reason, a prize awarded by gambling equipment is not paid out.

8.1, 14.6(1), 16.5(3), 17.1(a), 17.2, 19.2(a)

Weekly Gaming Machine Profits Report (PDF, 36KB)*

A venue-specific report to be used only in certain circumstances after EMS connection (i.e. in the absence of the EMS-generated "Weekly Venue Activity" report) to record weekly turnover, wins and jackpot wins meter differences and to calculate GMP for weekly banking.

Only required in exceptional circumstances under 13.3(3)

Optional forms

The following reports are
optional. Corporate societies, venues or service providers may choose to use these forms to assist in their gaming machine operations.

Optional forms

Summary of optional forms

Cash Clearance Details Report (PDF, 37KB)*

A machine-specific report to record all money removed from a gaming machine (i.e. cashbox and banknote clearances).

Cashless Gaming Machine Analysis (PDF, 33KB)*

As for Gaming Machine Analysis, where gaming machines are connected to a "cashless" system.

Daily Jackpot Turnover Report (PDF, 29KB)*

A venue-specific report to be completed for jackpot systems to compare gaming machine hard turnover meters or machine soft turnover meters with jackpot controller turnover data.

Gaming Machine Analysis Report (PDF, 35KB)*

A machine-specific report to record and analyse gaming machine meters, meter differences, machine operation and associated cash transactions.

This report is also available as an Excel spreadsheet - see below.

Gaming Machine Analysis Spreadsheet (XLS, 426KB)**

In response to a number of requests, we have produced the Gaming Machine Analysis Report in a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allows figures and other data to be input and automatically works out meter differences.

It is essentially the same as the PDF version but has some minor additional functionality (e.g. highlighting the difference between actual and calculated hopper movement). You are welcome to download and use it instead of the PDF version if it suits your gaming machine operation.

Please read the Spreadsheet Instructions (PDF, 24KB)* before use. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties using it, please contact the Gambling Compliance Group.

Weekly Banking Reconciliation (PDF, 24KB)*

A venue-specific report to record details of individual bank deposits relating to the weekly GMP amount.

*You need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view these forms. If you are unable to open the forms we recommend you get the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can download and install Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website.