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This page is a historic record.

It contains links to old and/or superseded documents for reference purposes only.

The Local Government Act 2002 was given royal assent on 24 December 2002. On this page you can find information about:

Latest Information

Auckland governance:
  • Proposals for Wards, Local Boards and Boundaries for Auckland (November 2009) (Local Government Commission website) The Local Government Commission has released its proposals on the boundaries and representation arrangements for the new Auckland Council. The Commission is seeking feedback on its proposals and inviting suggestions that will improve the proposed arrangements by 11 December 2009.

Long-term council community plans:
  • Briefing to the Minister of Local Government on trends from draft 2009/19 long-term council community plans (.pdf) 195k
    This briefing outlines major trends in forecast financial information and observations made by the Department from the draft 2009/19 long-term plans. It includes summary information on potential capital and operating expenditure, income (including rates) and use of debt for the local government sector as a whole, and for selected groupings within the sector. Councils will make final decisions on their forecast financial positions when they approve their final 2009/19 long-term council community plans (these decisions are due by 30 June 2009). See also: Minister's media release 8/06/2009 (Beehive website)

Local Electoral Amendment Act 2002

Part 13 of the Local Government Bill 2001 was split off during the Committee stages of the House to become a separate Act, the Local Electoral Amendment Act 2002. This Act made several amendments to the Local Electoral Act 2001. These amendments were:
  • to implement policy decisions on reviews of representation by local authorities and Maori wards;
  • to implement changes arising from the review of the 2001 local elections by the Justice & Electoral Committee; and
  • to add preparatory provisions for the implementation of STV.

Background to the Local Government Act 2002

The Local Government Act 1974 (LGA) was the main piece of legislation defining the power and responsibility of local authorities. The decision to review the Act, and other local government legislation, was made in March 2000. The review of the LGA and preparation of the consultation document saw unprecedented levels of cooperation between central and local government. The new Local Government Bill was introduced to Parliament on 18 December 2001, and received royal assent on 24 December 2002.

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Summary of Changes
Link here to a media statement from the Minister of Local Government, Hon Chris Carter.
For some background to the passing of the Act, link here to the second and third reading speech notes of the Hon Chris Carter, Minister of Local Government: The Local Government Bill as reported back to Parliament
The Local Government Bill was reported back to Parliament from the Local Government and Environment Select Committee on 10 December.

The following material was prepared by Department of Internal Affairs to aid understanding of the changes between the Local Government Bill as introduced to Parliament on 18 December 2001 and the Bill as reported back from the Local Government and Environment Select Committee on 10 December 2002. The following link will direct you to an electronic version of the Bill as reported back, courtesy of the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives website:

Further Information

  • Strategy for Evaluating Local Government Legislation (December 2005) Link here to a copy of the strategy developed by the Department of Internal Affairs for evaluating the roles, responsibilities, powers and accountabilities of local government as defined by the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Electoral Act 2001, and the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.