Vote Internal Affairs

(Effective from 1 July 2012)

The 2012 Budget introduced a significant change to the way funds for the Department of Internal Affairs are appropriated, with the shift to a single Vote for all our portfolios. The eight Votes previously administered by the Department (Internal Affairs, Community and Voluntary Sector, Emergency Management, Local Government, Ministerial Services, National Archives, National Library, Racing) have been amalgamated into one Vote for the first time (see our 2012-15 Statement of Intent).

This major innovation gives the department more flexibility in managing its budgets and contributes to better public services by improving productivity and efficiency. The structure minimises duplication of back office processes and compliance costs, while maintaining transparency and accountability.

Transparency and accountability are retained through Departmental reporting such as the Annual Report and through select committee arrangements.

The change is fiscally neutral in that there has been no change to total Vote or portfolio funding.

Portfolio Ministers will still be responsible for managing all expenditure and services received under appropriations or output classes relevant to their portfolio. They will work with the Minister for Internal Affairs (the Vote Minister) and the Minister of Finance to coordinate budget planning and reporting and for reaching collective decisions about resource allocations.