Prevention and education

Alongside efforts to detect, investigate, and prosecute those who produce, distribute, and possess child sexual abuse material, Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) undertakes work to prevent child sexual exploitation and provide education to help keep New Zealanders safe online.


DIA aims to help minimise or prevent the New Zealand public from experiencing harm online. Some of this work seeks to prevent offending from occurring in the first instance or to ensure no further offending takes place.


DIA create and release information, tools, research, and resources to help keep businesses, parents, caregivers, educators, and young people safe online. Education initiatives include the public education campaign Keep It Real Online, the mini-series ‘The Eggplant’, and the Terminology Project (PDF, 288KB). Some of our research includes the Online Safety Experience Review (PDF, 935KB).

Operation H 

In 2022, DIA announced the completition of Operation H, the largest and most challenging online child exploitation operation led out of New Zealand to date. DIA’s Digital Child Exploitation Team led domestic and international law enforcement agencies to safeguard 146 children and identify more than 90,000 online accounts globally that have possessed or traded child sexual abuse material.