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What has happened for New Zealanders

The Result 10 Target is that, by 2017, an average of 70 percent of New Zealanders' most common transactions with government will be completed in a digitial environment. One way to measure the effectiveness of our work is to assess how positively it impacts on New Zealanders' lives. Here we illustrate how the services in the Result 10 "basket" are making a difference.

Building the next generation of digital services

February 2017

1. Customs - Next generation eGates/SmartGates were installed into Christchurch, increasing the number of gates from eight to twelve.

2. Ministry of Social Development - Apply for Financial Assistance 1: Apply easily and quickly online for assistance for school uniform costs, school stationery and emergency dental costs – no longer needing to come into an office for an appointment.

3. Ministry of Social Development - Apply for Financial Assistance 2: Apply for more than one type of assistance in a single online one-off costs application.

4. Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment - Apply for a Visa: Over 40% of eligible student and work visa applicants were applying through Immigration Online. Customer feedback – “I felt the Immigration Visa process really wanted me to make the right decision for myself and to make sure the kiwi life and lifestyle was what I wanted…”

5. New Zealand Transport Agency - Pay Vehicle Licence: Customer feedback from Online Services indicates customers value the simplicity of our online services, and are delighted when they find that the process is far simpler than they thought. Feedback includes – “No complaints. This was one of the easier transactions I have done online recently and appreciated how quick and efficient it was. So easy to read / enter details and it was logical and effortless. Thanks!”

6. Department of Internal Affairs -  Renew Adult Passport: Customer feedback – “I applied for my passport online yesterday and I received it this morning with the courier. It is seriously a fantastic system and an amazing job done by the team. Whatever systems and processes you have in place are definitely working, so thank you”.

More digital and online services lead to increased public take-up

October 2016

(The following stories were provided by agencies in previous reporting period)

  • Next generation eGates / SmartGates were installed into Queenstown, with nearly 60% of all passengers using this service.  
  • Pay for Fine – a new self-service option to pay anytime day or night is available at Westpac Smart ATM’s.
  • Apply for Financial Assistance – Ministry of Social Development clients can now use MSD online services at little or no cost from their mobile phone or digital device if they are on Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees or Skinny mobile networks (estimated to be at least 90% of total clients).  
  • Customers are now able to renew Children’s passports online or apply online for their first passport if they have a RealMe Verified ID. Approximately 80% of New Zealanders are now able to apply online for a passport.

Applying for a visa online satisfies 92% of customers

June 2016

(The following stories were provided by agencies in previous reporting period)

  • Applying for a Visa – the most recent Customer Satisfaction Survey showed that 92 per cent of online applicant respondents would use the digital service again
  • The overall number of passengers (all eligible nationalities) using SmartGate continues to increase. New gates at Auckland departures have faster processing times, a drop in queues, and greater passenger satisfaction.  
  • Pay for Vehicle Licence – Internal statistics indicate that once a person renews their vehicle licence online they continue to use this service
  • Over 550,000 passports have now been issued through the online channel sonce the launch in November 2012.
  • Apply for Financial Assistance – Nationwide promotion has helped to significantly increase the number of MSD registrations by 195% (for a total of 40,722) in a three-month period. MSD clients are using My MSD to:
    • Check payment and debt details
    • Manage appointments
    • Declare weekly wages
  • Enhancements to MyStudyLink Mobile were implemented on 31 January, enabling students to update their personal information including declaring income and applying for course-related costs on their mobile device.
  • Over 90% of birth registrations through DIA also request an IRD number for the baby

Service transformation to a digital environment

Video: Service transformation to a digital environment - courtesy of the State Services Commission website