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Better Public Services - Result 10

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The Department of Internal Affairs is the lead agency for achieving the Government’s 'Better Public Services' Result 10:

“New Zealanders can complete their transactions with government easily in a digital environment” 

For more information about this and other results areas, see Better Public Services on the State Services Commission's website.

Further Result 10 information is available on, including Result 10 customer research.

Result 10 Blueprint

As part of Better Public Services, agencies have been challenged to make it easy to transact with government in a digital environment.

We have created a shared vision of the future state of digital services and an agreed set of actions for achieving that vision – a blueprint for change.

You can download this blueprint as a PDF, below.

Download the Result 10 Blueprint (PDF) 5.8MB, 72 pages 

Download the 'Result 10 Blueprint on a page', below.

Download the Result 10 'Blueprint on a page' (PDF) 173k 


How will New Zealanders know if we are succeeding?

Ultimately, New Zealanders will tell government if it is succeeding. They will do this by making greater use of digital services provided by the Government – choosing to perform transactions online or through other digital channels (including digital telephony, IVR – Interactive Voice Response), rather than at the counter, via contact centres or post.  At the same time, government wants to make sure that services are of a high quality and meet citizens’ needs. 

One measure has been chosen:

By 2017 an average of 70 per cent of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government will be completed in a digital environment.

 A further ‘quality’ measure is being developed to understand how easy it is for New Zealanders to access government services digitally.   

Measuring the result

Uptake will be measured using a “basket” of New Zealanders' most common transactions which are suitable for transition to the digital environment. These transactions are:

New Zealand Customs Service

  • File Arriving/Departing Passenger Information (AU/NZ), (SmartGate)

Department of Conservation (DOC)

  • Book Department of Conservation asset (for example DOC hut)

Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (Immigration New Zealand)

  • Apply for Visa

Department of Internal Affairs

  • Renew Adult Passport

Inland Revenue

  • Apply for IRD Number
  • File Individual Tax Return
  • Pay individual tax

Ministry of Social Development

  • Apply for Financial Assistance for example benefits

New Zealand Police

  • Pay for Fine

New Zealand Transport Agency

  • Pay for Vehicle Licence

Regular updates on the digital uptake of these services will be provided on this website.

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