Policy review process

Local or unitary councils, (also known as territorial authorities) must complete a review of their class 4 gambling venue policy within three years of adoption, and once every 3 years thereafter.

This guidance is designed to help you assess your needs, and plan and implement a policy review, if needed.


The policy options available for class 4 venue policies are a tool for councils to:

  • limit the opportunities for gambling in their communities
  • manage the impacts of gambling in communities.

Policy review process

This guidance provides information specific to class 4 gambling, and is:   

  • arranged to align with the local government policy process
  • designed to assist councils to meet their legal responsibilities when reviewing class 4 gambling venue policies.

Below we highlight particular steps and activities you may wish to consider. These steps should fit within your normal policy review process.


Start with a ‘pre-review’ stage to evaluate the effectiveness of your council’s current policy in limiting the social impact of gambling in your community.


  • reviewing the consultation requirements
  • some information gathering and pre-engagement with your stakeholders
  • an assessment of the social impact of gambling in your area.

Decide if you:

  • need to amend or replace the policy
  • can continue without amendment.

Information to help you make this decision is provided by the DIA and the Ministry of Health.

DIA’s guidance:

Ministry of Health resources:


If you decide you need to amend or replace your class 4 venue policy, carry out consultation, in line with:

  • The Gambling Act 2003 (the Gambling Act) and the Local Government Act 2002
  • Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) and New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) resources
  • Your council’s significance and engagement policy.

You may decide as a result of your review that no amendments to the policy are necessary. The Act does not require you to consult if you decide no amendments to the policy are needed although you can still consult with stakeholders if you wish to.

Reference information:

Draft the policy

Follow your council policy development process. Consider this guidance for provisions you must, or may include in your class 4 venue policy:

Adopt the policy and notify DIA

Once you have consulted with your community and other stakeholders, and decided on any revisions, your new policy will need to be formally adopted.

This will involve:

  • Adopting the policy in accordance with your governance requirements and the Local Government Act.
  • Sending a copy of the policy to DIA at gambling@dia.govt.nz

Reference information:

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Legislative references

Under section 102(5) of the Gambling Act, after adopting a class 4 venue policy, a council (or TA) must complete a review of that policy at least once every three years to decide whether changes are required to the policy.

If a council decides that changes to the policy are required, then it must undertake the review in accordance with the special consultative process under section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002 (Local Government Act).


This guidance is for general information only and is not a substitute for independent legal advice.