Territorial authorities

This page provides an overview of the information provided in this section to help local and unitary councils through the processes of reviewing, developing and applying gambling policies.

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Class 4 venue policies

One of the purposes of the Gambling Act 2003 is to ensure community input into decisions about the provision of gambling in their area. There are provisions within the Gambling Act for councils to manage the impacts and limit the opportunities for gambling in their communities. There are similar provisions in the Racing Act which should be considered at the same time.

Policy review process

Local or unitary councils, (also known as territorial authorities) must complete a review of their class 4 gambling venue policy within three years of adoption, and once every 3 years thereafter. This guidance is designed to help you assess your needs, and plan and implement a policy review, if needed.

Applying policies

Councils must assess all relevant gambling applications against their local gambling policy and make a decision as to whether to grant or decline their consent. Then the Department makes an assessment before issuing the licence.

Useful links

Other organisations and websites provide useful information to support your policy review and decision- making processes.


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