Appropriate use of the Internet

Every business, school and university can implement a Code of Conduct or Acceptable Use Policy to clearly set out what is considered appropriate use of the Internet.

All people who have Internet access through an organisation should be made aware of their responsibilities while on the Internet.

Having a Code of Conduct will not protect you from prosecution action so organisations should always consider getting their own legal advice. Note section 138 of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act – Liability of employers.

For home users, an awareness of what is considered to be objectionable, the type of material that will have an age restriction, and an understanding of the penalties involved will lead to a safer Internet experience.

The Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System is designed to assist in combating the trade in child sexual abuse images by making it more difficult for persons with a sexual interest in children to access that material.

Contact the Censorship Team if you have any queries or to need advice about safety on the Internet.