Anti-virus and family protection software

The Censorship Compliance Unit promotes the use of anti-virus and family protection software with any family computer system.

These systems enable you to protect your financial information when purchasing products via the Internet and also protect your family from the activity of other users or websites.

  • McAfee Family Protection
    Instantly detects and blocks viruses, and stops web threats before they are downloaded to your PC.
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus
    Helps you know whether a website is safe before you click. Checks links within email and instant messages to stop malware threats, and instantly blocks your PC when exposed to potential threats.
  • McAfee Total Protection 2011
    An easy, complete way to keep children safe online. Designed to empower parents to say “yes” to their children’s online interests, software is designed to counter a number of Internet threats, including access to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, posting of personal information, exposure to strangers, and more.
  • Norton Online Family
    Designed to keep kids safe when they go online. Rather than simply blocking sites, it encourages communication between parents and their children, providing parents with a better understanding of what their kids do online, so they can better protect and guide them and teach them good Internet habits.
  • Norton 360
    Adds an additional layer of protection to detect viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other threats. Norton scrutinises different attributes of files and applications in real-time to determine if they are safe, warns of dangerous downloads, and proactively analyses newly downloaded files and applications for threats before you install or run them on your PC.

Services available from your local service providers

  • Telecom Security Suite
    Telecom provides free home computer protection from online viruses, spyware and hackers for its Broadband and Dial-Up customers. The software package is usually $8.13 a month (over $95 a year). Broadband customers receive subscription with upgrades free of charge with Telecom Security Suite.
  • Vodafone Security - PC Protection (powered by F-Secure)
    Powerful, constantly updated automatic virus detection and removal, combined with a proactive layer of security that keeps your PC fully protected against the latest threats, even those yet unknown. First three months free when you sign up and after that, from $5.00 a month.

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