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Stage 1 of the Water Inquiry

Report of the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry:  Stage 1

Download the full Report (released 10 May 2017)

Contents of the Report

Section One:  Introduction and Context

Part 1 Overview, Key Findings and Highlights
Part 2 Background and Context
Part 3 Inquiry Processes
Part 4 Interim Safety of Havelock North Drinking Water and Joint Working Group
Part 5 General Regulatory Context

Section Two:  Events and Issues Preceding Outbreak

Part 6 Historical Events and Issues
Part 7 Findings as to Source and Pathway of Contamination
Part 8 Causation of Contamination Event
Part 9 District Council Failures to Meet Required Standards
Part 10 Regional Council Failures to Meet Required Standards
Part 11 Faults and Failures of the DWAs
Part 12 Faults and Failures of MWH

Section Three:  Outbreak Events and Responses

Part 13 Outbreak Events, Contingency Planning and Responses
Part 14 Assessment of Responses to Outbreak
Part 15 Concluding Observations

Figures and Appendices for Report 

Figure 1 Map of Brookvale Road Area - page 150
Figure 2 Photograph of Cable Ports - page 151

Appendix 1 Terms of Reference - page 152
Appendix 2 Interim Report and Interim Recommendations - 15.12.2016 - page 156
Appendix 3 Report of the Science Caucus - page 168
Appendix 4 Overview of Regulatory Framework - page 170
Appendix 5 Summary of Aquifer Features - page 186
Appendix 6 Summary of Brookvale Road Bores - page 188
Appendix 7 Table of Waterborne Outbreaks in New Zealand - page 192
Appendix 8 Timeline of Outbreak and Responses - page 203
Appendix 9 Hastings District Council Water Supplies - page 228
Appendix 10 List of Submitters - page 230