List of Issues for Stage One

Download a PDF version of this information: List of Issues - Stage One (PDF, 245KB)

1.  What are the legal regimes in place in relation to drinking water. Which persons or organisations had responsibility for any aspect of the safety of the Havelock North drinking water, and what each responsibility was (this covers direct or indirect responsibilities, and responsibility in a practical as well as a legal sense, and includes contractors, agents and advisors).

2. Prior to 12 August 2016, what was known, or should reasonably have been known by all parties with any responsibility for drinking water about the risks applicable to the Havelock North drinking water supply, and about previous responses to any relevant events.

3. What was the source and cause of the contamination of the Havelock North drinking water supply in August 2016.

4. In relation to the contamination event in August 2016, did any person or organisation fail to meet any requirement, and was any person or organisation at fault and/or were there any systemic failures.

5. What were the facts of the August 2016 campylobacteriosis outbreak, including its effects on those who became ill, and on the Havelock North community. How was the outbreak managed. What were the actions of all relevant persons or organisations in response to the outbreak (this includes interactions and co-ordination between persons or organisations).

6. Was the level of contingency planning and preparation for a drinking water contamination event by all persons and organisations involved adequate and appropriate.

7. Were the responses to the outbreak by all persons and organisations involved adequate and appropriate.

8. What actions or further actions should be taken to ensure a safe supply of drinking water to Havelock North.